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  • Hello,

    I am trying to figure one thing. When my level/layout start I want to start typical arcade counting like "3,2,1 go" and after that objects can star moving nut before that. What is the best wait to do that?

    I mean all I need to know is how to get some time at start of layer, for example few second and during this no object can move.

    I cannot use "system wait" because it affects only certain condition" right?

  • You can try to combine (be sure it�s not going to be the best idea xD) the "system wait" with a "global var".

    Global var start = 0.

    System wait 3sec. After that, change the global var start to 1, and wrap everythingelse in a "if conditional" in which you check the value of "start". If "start" is not 0, you can move or do what you want.

  • If you want a countdown, you can set a variable on 3 and, using the "Every x seconds" condition, subtract 1 from the variable every second.

    Now you can use that variable to show the 3, 2, 1, go countdown with your sprites or plain text.

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  • sirLobito That works, but I think using a group would be neater :)

    Make a variable - Countdown - with default value 3.

    Create a text - txt_Countdown - make it say 3 for convenience

    Put all your controls into a Group,

    At the start of the layout, disable the entire group

    "Every x seconds"

    • Subtract 1 from Countdown
    • Set txt_Countdown to Countdown
    • Activate your group of controls
  • Yeah Rory!

    I�m the gears behind the "group" are a huge if, jajajaja, but, yes, that�s more clever, thx ;)!

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