How do I make 2nd floor stairs?

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  • Hello guys I have came up with a problem on creating the 2nd floor solid so the played does not go back down again as he reached 2nd floor as he needs to get to the other side of the building but what happens is he goes straight down I have tried but everything has ended with a flop....

    Here is how the stairs work:

    In short version what I want is:

    When reach top >> walk on 2nd floor (allowing player to pass the stairs)

    Then allow him go back down again after he walked on the 2nd floor....

    Thank you for your attention!

  • I can't see any images.

  • I've been wondering this myself - I've personally done something similar to whereas I put a jump-thru floor as the stairs and a bit of the upper level. I then made it so when you pressed down or something it did the "fall through" function. But I'm sure there's a better way to do it.

  • A0Nasser the images worked for everyone so far :/ You got some software that blocks it maybe....

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  • What I did is this but is there any other way to do it?

    I did it like this so:

    When red - Collide then : solid disable on the second floor so he could go through!

    When green + then solid enable so you can walk through the hole.

    The green - removes the solid object so you can fall down...

    You cant really probably see but there is a solid sprite on the top where the stairs end little orange line which enables and disables solid.

    If Image doesnt work add

    This is the link to the Direct Image -

  • Anyone?

  • The area that he can pass through remove the solid and set it as a jump thru and when they press a key it can trigger the fall through. Like this. ... index.html

    Achieved simply by this

    if you want it to be automatically just remove the keypress and when he collides with the trigger he will fall through. Jumpthru objects are solids but also have the feature of being able to go up under them and falling through them. Just set a trigger at where you want him to be able to fall through.

  • PhoenixNightly - interesting concept, but what if you wanted to take it one step further and make it so you could also pass the first stair (ie go behind it)

  • **EDIT** Doing some testing.

  • Do you have any ideas for AI ? It's A bit complicated I think?

  • Will see what I can find still playing with the stair thing the only problem with the pass thru you can fall through the floor it doesn't point to the object you want to pass through which would be helpful to have instead of player pass through have the object have the pass through option.

  • PhoenixNightly Could you give your stairs capx file please? It didn't work for me when I walk down the stairs and press right it falls off the stairs. Thanks!

  • Okay the link I gave earlier is updated with the new one. Only have jump thru for the floors not the stairs. Have the stairs be a solid that you enable and disable.

    Hold the up button while pressing direction buttons of course to drop down ... index.html

    Events laid out like this to achieve results:

    Here is my file ... .capx?dl=0

  • Thank you for helping us!

  • AI works Perfecto! sorry my bad! Thank you man!

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