A 2D zombie-killing game, need lots of help

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  • I'm a newbie to Construct 2 (free at the moment) and I've gone through the beginner guide and everything. I've gathered up several tutorials that could be somewhat helpful for what I am doing, but I still can't do it. My first problem is the pixel art, but I'm not going to bother you with that.

    I was going to bring up a game similar to what I'm making but I have no idea what it's called, so I'm just going to provide a doodle of it: i50.tinypic.com/8ximp1.png

    All I need help with is in the doodle, kind of. A .capx would be much to help too.

    Sorry if I sound retarded, I just don't know anything about this. Yet.

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  • We have a wonderful community for providing help to users of construct but what you are basically asking for is someone to design a game for you or to do all of the work for you from what I am understanding of your post.

    When creating a new game generally you want to get the game mechanics working first. Most of my games the player is just a square that moves around and I do not worry about the art until I am sure I have something that I want to invest artistic time in to.

    Based on the image you provided you could put together a fairly simple version of that type of game (I think you are thinking of "Last Stand / Last Stand 2 flash zombie games).

    Remember always start small, get a player image up, it can literally be a picture, a circle, a square, or anything else. Provide movement for it, add in some behavior(s) and then after the player object moves in a fashion that you like you can expand on that by adding some kind of firing projectile mechanic etc.

    If you need help as you go with individual problems or ideas on how to approach features please feel free to ask. The community is very helpful, and there are some seriously talented people that will be more than eager to help you through the process. But if we do the work for you, how will you ever learn and get better?

  • You aren't retarted or a noob, we all have to start somewhere.

    From your drawing, your game looks very simple to do. It could probably be done in a week or even a weekend.

    Random spawning is a topic much discussed, as there are various ways to do it. Shooting and moving is also very straight forward.

    Your concept is quite general and plain. Now I'm not having a go at you, but try add something interesting, like kill streaks or a reward system or if you are really daring, multiplayer.

    The only thing that might take a while is art and the upgrade system, but even that should take about half an hour to an hour, maybe less.

    I'm on a mobile device so I can't really post instructions on how to do everything, but maybe later I'll make a tutorial specifically for you.

    But yes, if anything learn JavaScript so you nab make your own plugins and such.

    Have a nice day/night :D

  • You are definitely going to be pleasantly surprised if you think making this is going to be difficult ;)

  • I'd suggest going over the tutorials that you have gathered and start building the game as best as you can. When you get stuck, drop your .capx in here and we can have a look and help you out.

    I'd start by setting up your main character with movement controls along with a few environment platforms. That will give you a good base to work with and then you can toy around with spawning the zombies.

  • Take a look at the rain demo that comes with C2. You can pretty much just build upon that - it's mostly done for you. Then take a look at sites like openart.org for specific free zombie sprites.

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