How do I make a 2d side scrolling RTS/turn base game

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  • hello there, steampeng here wanting to make an retro style game.

    I'm wondering, does anyone got any idea how to 2d side scrolling rts/ Turn Based game?

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  • What is it that you're unsure about?

  • Well, yeah, but as TwinTails said, what can we help you with?

  • Don't understand what you really want

  • You haven't provided many details, so I'll guess my best. As far as side-scrolling, simply place objects on a layer and restrict movement to horizontal. Possibly consider the platformer behavior if jumping is appropriate. For the turn-based part, you basically just need a way to keep track of what state the game is in and then instructions for what to do during each state. This can be done with a variable, but you may want to use the Dictionary or Array object to store more data and possibly use it to decide the state of the game. My guess is you may have overall modes, too (ie running and exploring and then it shifts to battles). You'll want to include the events for each mode in a group on your event sheet and enable/disable them when you switch.

    Possibly give us some more details so we can fill you in. If this is your first game, you may want to try something simpler or a prototype of a few aspects of your game so you can get some good design practices under your belt and familiarize yourself with C2's editor.

  • well first, Let me show you something close

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    The above is the basically 2d Side scrolling rts but with low controls

    I'm trying to make a game much like this but different (also on another note this is my first game)

    I'm trying to make a either RTS or Turn base like this(or a hybrid of both

    Now thinking on this, it going to be an Turn base game, but with a player control unit being Able to move around in real time during an "action phase"

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