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  • Hello fellows,

    I came across the video the game "Intrusion 2" recently, and wondered if achieving similar results with Construct was possible.


    Also having area of effects, each parts of the body being independant like in Happy Wheels:


    Location damages, ragdoll stuffs...

    So, I'm just wondering if it's possible to achieve this without having a programming background, or what should I learn.

    Sorry, nooby question.

    Thanks all.

  • Yep, this should be possible. Have you looked through Construct 2's Examples folder? There are lots of physics demos in there, including ragdoll.

  • Thank you Ashley for your answer.

    Yeah I've been checking these already,but it was not quite as advanced as those examples. I'm particularly interested by the location damages.

    For example, if you shoot at the leg or the arm, can the ragdoll be dismembered?


  • If you make a big object out of lots of smaller sprites, that should be straightforward.

  • yes, you can make each part with some checking codes, when the player hurt the enemy leg at 100%, unpin it from the body. Check the damage for each body part too.

    But, if you make it, your game may be slow on some mobiles.

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  • Sorry to bother you again, I've found a more precise example of what I had in mind:


    I'm not an expert, but it looks like procedural animation, or at least something based on a ragdoll.

    This is made in Flash, so obviously the tools are ideal for this kind of animation. I havent tried the animation tools in construct yet, that's why i'm asking before possibly wasting time for nothing.

    Is that possible to have something similar made in construct?

  • those games up there is really awesome ! the physic work great. As i tried, Intrusion 2 and happy wheel is possible to creat with C2, but about the wolf... I don't know how to do that.

  • Wow, that game is epic!

    If Construct2 combined with Spriter can in future create these procedural animated characters , with some sort of basic bone system, it'd conquer all!

    Huge boss battle :


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