How do I make a 2.5D effect?

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  • I posted something about this earlier but forgot how to do it. I have a game where I am attempting to create a 2.5D world and basically I have a building that is a solid, but collision points setup everywhere but walkways and where you could supposidly walk behind it. Walking behind the building makes it seem as if your on top of it, How can I make so the building detects when you go behind it and then the building becomes in front of your character, and then when you walk in front it seems to be behind you.

    Basic Question: How do I make so when you are behind the building, the building is in front of you, and when your in front of the building, the building is behind you?

    Picture: <img src="" border="0" />

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  • I figured it out, here are my lines:

    If any one knows of a better way to do this, let me know! :D

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