[152] - tilemap per tile colission question

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  • Ashley

    Now that we have per tile collision is there a way to remove the collision box on certain tiles in the tilemap? eg: mountain tiles? The editor doesn't seem to allow you to delete all collision box points for a particular tile.

    It seems the only way to do it right now is to simply delete the tile you want to remove collision on. Thus requiring 2 tilemaps if you want to use one for a bg artwork and one on top for collisions, is that correct? or is this functionality simply not added yet.

    am i correct that you need to add a solid behavior to the tilemap object to get per tile colissions working?


  • I would also like to know this.....

    This new tilemap feature is interesting for sure - pretty much scraps a ton of work I put in making my own solution thus far but if it's going to be a supported feature it might make sense to swap out and use it.

    But I really want to know if I should waste my time setting things up to use 2 tilemaps (solid vs unsolid) or if we'll be able to set a per item collision

  • It's by design that you'd just use two tilemaps - one with decorative non-colliding tiles and the other colliding tiles. Hopefully it's straightforward to use that way.

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  • Hrmm, seems a a bit more difficult managing 2 seperate tilemaps.

    I guess at the start of the layout one could loop through their first decorative tilemap, and change its corresponding collision tilemap square on or off depending on what type of tile.

    seems easier from a design standpoint to simply combine the two functionalities.

    Is it too difficult to have a per tile solid checkbox?

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