How do I use a 100% fail proof web page for my more apps

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  • Hello,

    This is not a strict construct 2 question but i wonder if someone from the community could help on that

    i would like to have a more app page on the web so i could direct users of my apps to that page

    however i would like to have this page 100% fail proof so no matter what server will always be up.

    any cloud solutions that are recommended to host this page ?



  • there is no 100% fail proof... if an astroid hits the earth... well i have played to much games <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

    you could maintain a cluster in seperate data centers...

    you need at least 2 load balancers and 2 file/mysql servers...

    You can also take a look here: ... ate-cloud/

    Also you can google "high availability web hosting" keywords: medical, financial

    Kind regards

  • well,

    as my apps are not that popular yet i need something cheap to scale up with if / when apps become popular

    so while rackspace are great host they are way above my needs and cost structure. Any idea of a more economical solutions ?

  • thought maybe even to use wix or other similar platforms for that sake

  • wix -> dont

    do it your self... if you go cheap you wont have high availability neither you will have speed. but it will be enought for a long time. i have some performant servers avaiable for hosting, but they are located in germany.



  • Thanks Patrick

    Why not wix, weebly etc? They all offer for around 10 a month a website builder on my domain. I guess they are all hosted on Amazon or Google cloud

  • All im planning is to host one page for ios with app icons and links. And another one for android.

  • Here's a question, why don't you do that directly in your apps? It's what I plan to do... once I have more then 1 app released that is(which is where I am at the moment:P).

    I plan to just put a "Check out my other games" button/sprite in each app. If the user clicks on the button he gets taken to a layout that features all of the games I have with name, icon and a short description for each of them. And if he clicks on one of the game icons his browser will popup and he will get taken to the googleplay url(or ios url or whatever) for that game.

    Sure it's probably gonna be a bit of a hassle to update each app every time you release a new one, but I think it would be worth it, no?

    And if you want a "website" to host all of them and maybe makes announcements about upcoming titles, etc. you could always just use wordpress, which is free. Or is wordpress too simplistic for your needs?

  • The irk lays in the 100%

    So few who have that

    For the vast majority you'll have to settle with ~98 % uptime

    For what it looks like you need, just pick a decent host (check reviews) which offer lots of packages, and start with some premium package. (1 or 2 levels above cheapest)

    These generally have a domain name, unlimited web space, roughly 5 to 10 gigs a month bandwidth usage, lots of mysql databases, lots of 1 click install able websites/apps.

    Somewhere between 5 to 10 bucks a month.

    I use ifastnet, an UK based one, imo more likely to have 97% uptime though :\ but .. very good services and client portal, low prices, good and quick helpdesk, lots of install-able apps and sites and many specialized packages.

  • i already use a nice host (hostgator) with no problems for years

    however using your own host could be tricky

    1. shared hosting can easily be hacked , and icons of my apps could be replaces with other images , this could kill the brand by apple

    2. while im happy from my hositng for web i think that apps require 99.99% uptime

    why not having all on local app page ? becuase we plan to release ga game once a month and that measn that if we have 10 games we will need to update thier builds everytime a new game is launched

    so i am looking for a solution to show more apps inside of my games that will updtae as long as i lunch new apps, maybe there is a nother solution that im missing ?

  • 1. Depends on the hosts security and how bad people want to hack your stuff. Not sure why people would replace your images, but ok

    2. Have not heard that before, hardly any host has 99.99%, they are lying if they say they do. they just use the 99.99% as a fallback "we did not say 100%"

    How about using your own add campaign ?

    Even admob offers that I believe. So you can show your own adds.

    would be a matter of adding new adds to admob to get new game entries shown on your current game which uses admob,

  • admob is an interesting option, thanks

    as for hacking - the problem is if it happens once it can kill the whole brand, so better safe then sorry. it happend to me that my website was hacked by bored teens it takes a few hours to recover but i cant take that chance

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  • btw anyone had an experience with a cheap cloud host ? if i want a scalable hosting ?

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