How to 'stick' a menu to browser's window

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  • Hello fellows,

    I'm trying to build up a menu in C2, which sticks to the browser left side. This should be like the common web pages, where whatever browser windows size people use, the menu is always in its correct position on the left. And more - if someone decides to maximize the window in Windows, the menu should remain on the left side, and not in its old position.

    Until now, I couldn't find a possibility to do the task. I'm using 'Full screen in browser' the 'Crop' option in order to make the view port borderless and not changing or scaling while browser window re-size.

    Thanks for your ideas in advance!

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  • What you want is the Anchor behaviour.

  • :) That was a quick answer. Thanks.

    The anchor behavior takes the whole sprite and 'sticks' it to the browser edge, without a possibility to control ... but what if I want e.g. to make the menu sliding show/hide on mouse over, I have to disable/and re-enable the anchor behavior?? As long as the anchor behavior is enabled again, the menu-sprite sticks again in full size to the browser edge - it 'looses' its shown/hidden status.

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