how to 'jump down' text object

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  • Its hard to explain but, when first text popup on top window, second text must push to bottom and third text etc, should push this two texts down

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • There are many ways to do this..

    important question is, is this one textobject or is every text a seperate object?

    Does the movement have to be smooth?

    What will the text object be used for, is it dynamic text or will it be changed?

    Does the text have to be pushed down or could the object already be in place and set visible?

    I could think of more questions, but this is a good start..

  • LittleStain movement? dont need to be smooth

    First and other texts are other objects

    Text must be pushed dow because when text is too long

    The player can not make it read before the text disappears.( i use fade behavior )

  • wouldn't it just work to do something like, text2 on created text1 set y to text1.y+50

    I don't know how many textobjects you will use and why it have to be different textobjects, but something simple like that would work.

    If you just use 1 textobject you could add text at the front and with newline move the existing text down.

  • In example ist always ONE textobjects but i want sreate messages using new spawned text object

    So your first tips doesent work (sorry i badly explain at first post)

    "If you just use 1 textobject you could add text at the front and with newline move the existing text down."

    this sounds interesting for me how do that?

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  • I think I still don't understand what you are trying to achieve and why it is a problem to achieve it.

    If you spawn an object. (why spawn it instead of create it?) you can still use on created.

    If you make sure the textobject has an boolen variable spawned, you could add pixels to the y-coordinate of all textobjects with the boolean spawned false and after pick all textinstances and set boolean spawned to false. all in one event on created.

  • I say its hard to explain ;p well i use Create to do this;)

    i never use boolean in text objects, its strange for me but i take a look maybe i do this in one event

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