Zero Revenue on MoPub and AdMob

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  • I posted my game on googleplay today, i have ads on my game, a fullscreen and a banner ad, i configured everything in mopub and admob. I see some impressions on mopub but zero revenue. In admob it is blank, all zero. why is it happening?

  • I've never uploaded to GooglePlay, but unless it's run on magic I think it might be worth waiting a bit longer than 24 hours before looking into earnings.

  • Keyword is today.

  • i dont know when they update, because the impressions are updating and no revenue..

  • Impressions are the time an ad is seen, clicking is not taken into account. Also, the per-click revenue that you will generate will depend on the ads that are available. Don't quote me on this, but this is the general idea if I'm not mistaken.

  • You will only receive something when clicks on advertisements, that's how things work. Impressions is when your advertisements are displayed successful in your application, so you'll be able to have many impressions without any profit, if no clicks.

  • vitorfgd LOL tell me about it. 2 years on AdSense, Amazon and a few others and I think id make more money holding a coffee can on a street corner. joelbelo when was the last time your were enjoying a video game and even noticed the ad - not even clicking it? the money unfortunately in the in-game purchases etc.

  • To make money with Ads, you need a LOT of downloads and a lot of impressions.

    On average, a banner Ad with Google AdMob could earn you ~$2 (varies) for every 1,000 impressions assuming you get 2% clicks. If no clicks, no $.

    You need tens of thousands of impressions per day for it to start generating some ok income, and hundreds of thousands of you want decent income.

    Something I've noticed, the click rate % is highly dependent on the audience type. Casuals will click, hardcore gamers will not.

  • i have already some clicks but no revenue..

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  • MoPub Marketplace Ads from my own experience, are $ per impression and NOT $ per click (like AdMob).

    What I did when I was using Marketplace, was set the CPM to $1.5 minimum, so it would only show Ads from bidders who are willing to pay that much for 1,000 impressions. If none, it would show AdMob ads.

    There's pros and cons, if your particular audience don't click, then $ per impression will generate passive income for you.

  • so whats your suggestion? what values should i put in each?

  • joelbelo

    I would switch to AdMob ads, because in AdMob every click pays

    as mentioned: banners give ~2$ eCPM

    as my friend said: interstitials give ~6$ eCPM (app for kids)

  • You do have revenue which is:

    floor(Impression*Ecpm/1000,2decimalpts) = floor(37*0.07/1000,2decimalpts) = floor($0.00259,2decimalpts) = $0.00

    I don't think there's any corporation in the world will use ceil(##) when it comes to money.

    You need at least ecpm=0.28 to get $0.01 with 37 impression.


    143 impression with ecpm=0.07 to get $0.01

  • For more than mopub allow a configuration of values​​, I was not happy with the results offered. Today, only use the admob and all of my income comes from clicks, but my profits are great.

    Some forum users like the results of mopub, but the fillrate it is very low, even though you have some time of use and many requests coming from your applications.

  • why do i only have attemps in admob?

    why zero impressions on admob?

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