Z-Order Place In Front of Another Object

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  • In Classic, two of the many z-ordering features was "Place in front of another object" and "Place behind another object". This feature was extremely useful in games that featured visible upgrades to characters, like body armor or weapons, that could be pinned to a character, while not interfering with the appearances of other characters (for example, maintaining proper depth in top down games, the upgrades not appearing over characters who should be in front of the upgraded character).

    Anyway, yeah, I miss that feature. They're the last two actions needed to have a fully featured z-sorting system. Pretty please? <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Im waiting for that feature too.. also in layout I cant back only 1 position in z order of an object. miss that too

  • While foreach ordered is nice, this proposal makes things a a lot easier, and it's cleaner too.

    A "set z-order" action and a "get z-order" expression would solve everything.

  • It's been on our todo list for a while, hopefully we'll get round to it soon!

  • I have only so much love to give, but it seems Scirra has taken all of it.

  • Hi guys, do u think in the next release will be available this "upgrade"? I have a lot of objects and sometimes one of them is on top of another that shouldn't be... it drive me craaaaazy! ;-)

    Thanx guys!

  • It's been on our todo list for a while, hopefully we'll get round to it soon!

    You guys ever thought of having a public todo list like this?. It seems there is a post or two each day saying "it's on the list!". Might be handy to have a place to check before asking.

  • Ashley responded by a "no" in numerous posts , Stop asking ...

  • well ok then...

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/X53BT.jpg" border="0" />

  • boolean

    Here is a post by Ashley about why he doesn't think having a publicly viewable todo list is a good idea:


    Regardless I think it would be cool to see a todo list or roadmap of some sort.

    An unofficial todo list could also be made by searching all Ashely's posts for "todo list" and making a list, but it could be a time consuming task.

  • I'm to need this feature!

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  • This feature would be VERY useful. Very difficult working with just "Move to top" and "Move to bottom". Is there a 3rd party plugin available to do this for now?

  • I hate to bump this, but, I'd REALLY benefit off of this feature. Just a simple "Move above/below sprite" action would be a total lifesaver (although I'm guessing it's not the easiest thing to do in terms of coding C2's software? Or maybe it's not being added as soon since it's petty and not many people will use it? Iuno) But yeah I hope something like this gets implemented. <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Jase00

    I managed to get around it fairly easily. I created two sprites one green and one red. I also created a player/npc layer and one object layer above and one object layer below. All my objects by default are below the player. I placed the red sprite over solid parts of objects and the green over areas where the player should be behind the object. The I have two events. The first checks to see if the player is overlapping the green. If it is then move the object to the layer above the player. The second is the opposite. If the player is not over the green then trigger once moving objects to the layer below the player. At game startup I set the opacity of both to invisible and the game works fluidly. Maybe that would help.

    Here it is in action so you can see how fluid it is.


  • That's an awesome method, though it wouldn't work with what I need it for.

    I have characters that have items of clothing on them that can be changed, and some of the frames of the character involve shifting certain parts of the body/clothes to certain Z Levels (One attack would have the arm go in front of the characters head, and another attack could go behind it) Not to mention that there is multiple characters that will have this, so if one character does an attack then stands in front of another character, all his clothes will overlap the other character incorrectly and whatnot. Making ordered events that put the characters clothing to "Move To Top" every tick to correct their order seems inefficient (That's my current workaround though). :)

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