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  • Hi!

    I've just opened an about one year old project to change some questions of a quiz game coming from a .xml file.

    But everything I do to the file and its location won't matter because every time I test the game in the browser it always loads the same old questions when the game begin!

    I re-imported the .xml file from within Construct 2 to the project's folder and nothing changes.

    Does someone know what is happening?


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  • I've found the answer myself. Very dumb.

    The problem is that I had deleted the .xml from within Construct 2 to add this file again (I was working with a single file project).

    But, as you may have already guessed, removing the .xml also removed the corresponding code related to this file.

    Because I was away from C2 for about a year I had forgotten about this consequence.

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