Xcode+CocoonJs: View Controller's Header File

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  • I have used Cocoonjs with Mopub to show admob ads on iOS project. However I have faced with a problem and do not have an idea about this problem. In Banner Integration for iOS document on mopub, there are some lines below:

    "Adding a banner to your application takes only a few, easy steps:

    In your view controller's header file:

    Import the MPAdView.h header file and declare an MPAdView *adView property.

    Declare that your view controller implements the MPAdViewDelegate protocol."

    My problem is that I couldnt find a view controller file on CocoonJs Xcode project. So I cannot add any header file. Do you have any ide for this situation?

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  • There's no need to follow those steps if you're using cocoonjs. Just add a cocoonjs show banner ad command on start of layout whenever you want the ads to appear. The plugin will then manage their appearance (over the top of the layout at the top/bottom per the settings). You should see test ads when you run the zip export from C2 in the cocoonjs app if it's set up properly.

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