XCode Simulator Stuck on Splash Screen Despite Physical iPhone Running App Well

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  • Hi!

    I'm finally nearing the completion of my app / game. I actually ported down to C2 after hearing from a developer that apple will likely reject C3 builds with IAPs, and also, after watching my app completely crash and burn due to google ad mobs SDK in C3 (even though it works like a charm in C2.)



    Hi! The title explains a lot.

    So, I've got this C2 game up and running. Everything is perfect. It runs great on my phone (i have scaled a lot of images down to save on CPU space), HOWEVER, whenever I go to run the game through xcode simulator, it is stuck on the Construct splash screen (or if I change the splash screen to something I've put in), SO, what do I do?! I'm worried that apple will likely not test on a real device, but rather, on a simulator, watch it not even start, and fail me right then and there. What do I do?!



  • corbanjd

    I have noticed how you say Xcode simulator - are you not running xcode on a mac?

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  • hey i got everything done. i had to take off preload sounds. i am on mac, actually, but i was referring to the iphone simulator within xcode.

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