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The internet is bombarded daily with new apps (app is the short term for application)
  • I have been scoping the possibility of building an app that basically wraps around a responsive website.


    Build a database driven website. Keep the website up to date.

    Build an app that wraps up and displays the website. The app would retain the users login details through a local storage variable.


    Need both an app and a website and only wish to keep one updated

    The website content is dynamic and will be updated daily.

    An app has a feeling of being more idiot proof/easier/familiar to use for non techies

    Problems I can see so far

    Have read Apple and Google Play wouldn't allow simple HTML5 website wrappers

    Native App

    If all else fails I would need to build a native app and make database calls to the website and present them within the app

    As this is a scoping exercise, I was wondering if anyone had come up against such a project in the past and which route would be the best to take from a usability/timescale/cost viewpoint.


  • Using C2 means search engines (google) can't see your site, so your content wont get indexed and people will not be able to find you by searching.

    I have seen a couple people post that they have used C2 to make their site and it has worked out ok. I have used C2 to make a database app for a customer (using ajax to pass data back and forth to a mysql database) - it is inside a secure area that requires logging in and is only used by employees so they don't care about SEO...

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  • Sorry, perhaps I wasn't clear enough. The website would be built in standard HTML well (PHP actually).

    Only the app would be made in Construct 2.

    The app and website would be targeted to a specific group of registered users and SEO is not a requirement anyway.

    Your database app sounds interesting and very similar to ideas that I have.

    Has anyone else published a similar app on the stores successfully?


  • frozenpeas I think you might be overlooking some of the basic structure you are asking about.

    If you build a website that accesses data from MySQL, FileMaker, or any other database system, then inherently you should be able to make an app in C2 or any other programming language that accesses the same data.

    If you are more wondering about visuals of the website/app, that's a different story. But honestly I would suggest against that anyways because generally you would design the usability and layout of an app a bit different from how you would set up your website.

    So I could be way off from what you are asking but my suggestion is that if you get a good database set up that can be accessed via the internet, most programs should allow you to get your data. As an example, my boss owns a liquor company (Rumchata) which has a website and a backend database that has recipes for the liquor to show on the web site. I then made an app through C2 for Android and iOS that accesses that database of recipes through AJAX and can show all the same recipe info that the website has.

    Sorry I rambled a bit, but hopefully that helps a little?

  • Thanks Djfuzion,

    I see Html5 websites that look and behave more like apps these days and sometimes its hard to tell the difference (apart from the url address bar)

    I was just trying to cut down on the amount of development and maintenance time required to build and maintain both a website and an app.

    Looks like I will need both if I'm going to get the app accepted by Apple and Google.

  • Well, to be fair, all C2 does is basically webapps, those can be wrapped up inside something like crosswalks (so if google was banning every single wrapped website, they would ban every single game that are given as apk made with C2), but you could also simply wrap a website inside crosswalks itself if you wanted to (that is what the clay games app does, it is just clay.io wrapped up

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... clay&hl=fr



    So I guess you could it too.

    However I am agaisnt the fact of wrapping a website inside an app, if the website is correctly set up there is no need, but as far as I know it seems to be just me so..

  • Interesting

    Does anyone know if the Clay app is available on the Apple store? I can't seem to find it.

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