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  • Ashley

    Do you have (or someone elese) here an working APK (Created with Construct 2 - CocoonJs) for me (us) to test

    out on some Android Devices?

    I have here a lot of Devices for 2 Days and i can check out the FPS etc.


  • Just use the CocoonJS launcher to give some stock examples a spin. That's what we do rather than build APKs.

  • This is my sample .apk build with CocoonJS Cloud Compiler.

    I hope you can review the performance and FPS in this thread too. :)

  • Hi there,

    i have tested your *APK. Bad Results with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - 10.1.

    Here are some Screenshots:

    Pic 1

    Pic 2

    Pic 3


    Game Ends when the Score 6 is reached.

    I have tested out on many other Devices. Results are always not good.

    All the Exporters in this time will not do a good Job. Sorry.


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  • FYI KMag, that's exported .apk just a sample app that i design on my own, not from CocoonJS.

    Why score stop on 6?

    Because i design this game just for simple test for FPS, Touch, Layout Transition and Audio on Android.

    Score was added for each touch on Bomb Object.

    Because the Bomb Object only 6 that i build, so Score stopped at 6.

    And layout i have used only 2 and automatically stop after Bomb Spawn finished.

    Please don't use this .apk for the reference to other .apk that compiled by CocoonJS.

    If you want to test your own games, you can use CocoonJS Launcher on Android, and link to the .zip url of your project (for example: Dropbox Public Folder)

    Anyway, thanks for the review on this sample .apk

    Sorry for my bad english ^^

  • kenli

    I have not seen you *capx so i can't say anything if it is a Bug or your Test limitations....FPS in CocoonJS looks good and it is playable for some

    Games too...

    I have tested out a lot of different Games - with sounds, Physics etc.

    Here for example another Screenshot:

    Jump and Run

    The FPS is good - but when the Fun (maybe with Physics etc.) should comes up - it slow's down to maybe 10 FPS...and that is to slow.


  • I've tried exporting a few of the C2 Example projects through phonegap/eclipse and seem to get better FPS even with physics heavy scenes going this route instead of using the online phonegap build webapp.

  • Hi,

    can you post the specific apk-Files?


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