A word of warning about AppMobi [iOS]

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  • Since I'm seeing an heavy support from Scirra to AppMobi I would like to put a word of warning to the users.

    While AppMobi is a relatively well made environment, the way is being developed could create several problems to a serious developer.

    The first deal breaker is the versioning, meaning that you are stuck publishing the version number of AppMobi, apart from a professional point of view (who start with a 3.x release) this actually prevents any form of updating through the appstore; appmobi actually claims the "revolutionary" update throught internet (to sell their cloud services), this apart from being a very bad idea security wise (you application travels on the web and can be sniffed) it's actually in direct violation of the appstore policy. While appmobi claims that Apple allows the downloading of content (which is through) it doesn't pertain this particular case and since Apple is not completely sold on html5 application is a direct ticket to ban.

    Another issue is the fact that appmobi is closed source and thus you depend completely on their decision about what to implement (example the lack of gamecenter) and not having direct control over the code your hands are tied.

    Personally I'll stick with PhoneGap and heavy optimization, AppMobi is really too restrictive.

    If they would sell it as a PhoneGap plugin I would gladly pay for it.

    What are your opinions on this matter?

  • appMobi are aware of these issues and I believe they are working to correct them.

  • how much time can it take to implement version numbering? i actually think this is by design, because, when they add version numbering, you will be able to make updates for your app, and that would make their paid service called live update meaningless :)

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  • Here's a link to the appmobi containers source code (yeah, they're open source!!!)


    You can build yourself your app with direct control of version number and (for android) apk permissions. You can also remove the status bar. Please note that despite the same version number (3.4.0) the code on github seems to be older than the online build system and lacks some features.

    I don't know the iOS workflow but with eclipse for android I compiled by myself a working app quite easily.

  • Apparently the version number issue has been fixed. I think they're also currently working on permissions and hiding the status bar too.

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