Was wondering if its possible to import gamemaker

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  • Or is the word I'm thinking of EXport? Import export--I mean the one that would allow me to bring my game maker game over to construct and convert it into a construct file. My thing is, I think I'd like to start using construct, but I have a huge game I spent over 5 or 6 years building with Gamemaker... and I'd like to start using construct... so... is there a feature that would allow me to bring my gamemaker file over and switch it into a construct file? If not, then I'd highly recommend it as a new feature cuz this would allow many people who use game maker if they aren't happy with it, they'd be able to cross over real well.

    Consider OpenOffice. It is able to open word documents and works documents... even though its a completely different program. Consider ReactOS is able to run anything windows can run... I'm thinking it could be possible Construct could allow people to open game maker games with it and do a save as and save it as a construct file. This way I can start using construct. If not, then I suppose I'm stuck with game maker...

    Game maker seems to have a lot of bugs and problems... it may just be me, but I don't think its very stable of a program... I want to try construct and see if its any better.

  • There is THIS tutorial you could try.

    Having never tried it I couldn't say how good this is, or even if it still works with the latest release, but it's a start.

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  • The whole game won't convert over, only certain things like objects and rooms. You'll have to do all the code from scratch, unfortunately.

  • You'll find it won't bring in any actions or gml code. You'll have to redo all of that. You say you've been working on your game in gm for 5 or 6 years. Prepare for a learning curve. I'm not saying that as a negative towards C2, but like you,I've been using GM since about version 4, so I'm quite used to it. When I looked at C2, there is no coding, etc. It really is a different critter, but I think if you take the time and learn it, you'll be happy with C2. The support for the C2 product in my opinion is quite good, and so is the community here.

  • I used Game Maker way before C2 as well.

    I think problems wise, C2 doesn't break your game as often without knowing where the problem is.

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