5 wishlist tweaks I would like to see in next major release.

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  • Been using construct fairly seriously for a couple of months, and am impressed.

    Here are a few what I hope are helpful suggestions for making the it even better.

    1: Removing parameters: Usually I want to remove a specific parameter, rather than the last one, so I have to copy paste each parameter up one row, and delete last. It would be better if each parameter had its own delete icon. Same goes for adding parameters, often I want to insert them, rather than append them.

    2 :Search : If I highlight an event block while using search, when I clear the search I would like the display to go to the block highlighted, rather than have to find it again.

    3: Local variables, currently I have to add a global, then drag it within a block to make it local, this isn't very intuitive, and not mentioned in the manual.

    4: Merging a layout / event sheet from another project can be a pain, the editor will stop when it encounters the first missing resource, what would be great is if it told you all the missing resources, rather than just the first one. Currently you have to fix it one at a time, rather than in one hit.

    5: Snapshot : To be able to set the start location and width height of a snapshot, rather than grab the whole screen.

    Also every day I wish for Linux support.

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