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  • Would it be possible to open another Subforum for these Topics?

    I saw people posting questions / suggestions in all boards and while Ashley or one of the other Admins / Mods always responded it would be nice to have all in one place.

    Bonus: The Boards won't get spammed with posts like the one i wrote just now   <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Concerning wishlists and suggestions : Ashley's post.

    Maybe some kind of subforum might direct/gather said suggestions. But in the end, I'm afraid that's the part that would be "spammed" with about everything and anything, while not being really efficient.

  • Kyatric is right: both Tom and I have tonnes on our todo lists right now, and when people make suggestions often lots of people suggest something which is already on our todo list, or they suggest such large projects we would not be able to realistically start them for 6-12 months, by which time we'd have even more suggestions...

    Obviously listening to our users is vital to what we do, it's just the problem is we are a 2 man team and we've become totally saturated with amazingly cool ideas we can't wait to work on. So we're basically going to be crazy busy for 6 months! Like that other post says if you have little ideas for tweaks or minor changes, we can usually sort those out - just make a new thread for each one.

    I'm also reluctant to publish our todo lists, because they change frequently, sometimes we realise ideas were bad ideas, should be done differently, or the priorities are changed etc. So I think it would be kind of misleading if people came to depend on it to know what's coming next.

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  • There is an online tool for managing this, where the public can vote on the best ideas, and you can comment on them and shoot them down, or accept them. Posted a link below.


    They handle the hard stuff. It's free for small accounts. I've seen a few other projects use this before with average success.

  • This is a larger question, than just start to use Uservoice (what is great).

    • If they use own/inhouse todo list, they do not need to do unnecessary administration. It's really important for a 2 man company... :)
    • If they start to use Uservoice (or something similar) they risk to divide the community into 2 picees: one in the Forum and one in the Uservoice, what could make all of us to write into all 2 places "It's also reported/asked in the Forum/Uservoice".

    But as an alternate Ashley you may make a monthly survey in the Forum, to let the community vote for a feature that will be done in the next stable relase.

    I used to meet something like that before, and loved it alot!

  • Even though the thread is from October, it's still pretty much the same - I don't see much point collecting lots of suggestions, because we still don't have time to implement most of them right now. If you have little suggestions those are easier to implement, you can just post them to the C2 general forum!

    I do occasionally do feature polls - there have been a few in the past - but they're generally a "what to work on next" type thing.

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