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  • Hello

    I would like to see some nice stuff on C2.

    1 - Buttons ... with images 1 pic On second off.

    2- Text to Sprite converter

    3- Pinball movement with 36 Angles .. 360/10 . this will good to make breakout game avoid horizontal ball movement

    5- Another jump style in platform behaviour, like manic miner Jump.

    6- Custom preloader like size color of percent number.

    4- Grid in picture editor to draw 8 bit style sprite.

    7- C2 own compiler and not other ...

    Sorry for my bad english...


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  • 1) Can be done with sprite objects & events

    2) Not sure what purpose this would have. Probably better off using the Sprite Font object.

    3) Can probably be done with physics behavior.

    4) Grid could be nice I guess, but you're better off using an image editor of your choice and then using C2's for minor tweaks, placeholders, etc.

    5) Looks like a pretty standard jump to me. What's the difference?

    6) Pretty sure this can be done with "loader layouts"

    7) Eh. There are 100 threads on why this likely won't happen.

  • I would second Tokinsom ; I really think C2 should focus on the game development process, i.e. the integration of resources and the ease of use to write behaviours, nothing more.

    Most of what you are asking for can easily be done already very simply, and providing built-in behaviours for these would be too restrictive for other use cases.

    What if I need a button with 3 states ? 2 states with a delay when switching ? etc. All these variants are impossible to implement as default features, and are much better done with a very simple bit of custom logic and events

    Also, any kind of resource *authoring* should happen outside of C2. There's plenty of options and software to author sprites, images, animations, etc. already ; C2 doesn't need to try to compete with these specialised tools, it's wasted effort and it's budget that doesn't go into the game "making" module itself. It should focus on resource integration and productivity of writing game logic.

  • Yes, 3 can be achieved with physics behaviour. Just a dd a little gravity to turn horizontal towards vertical motion.

  • Thanks all for your quick reply ./

  • Gigatron , as for the button, you can check the sprite button behavior by coatesjetset.

  • I would like to see tweening built into the core

  • I would like to share my project with you ... probably you will see some problems... but i will work on it to perform some bugs..


    credits: All gfx , code and music by ME.

    The intro song from Karsten Obarski AMIGA crystal Hammer... Recomposed by ME

    Just added ball follower object to see the ball movement.

    If ballNumber>100 then Pick.ballInstance.FollowObject.Count-100 And Destroy FollowObject ... (little ball)[/code:2g59ea9e]
    Ball is Bullet //
     <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">
  • Here is my Wish list:

    1. PYYYTHOOON!!!!

    Is there an plugin or add-on to enable python in construct 2?

    I know that construct classic have python, but I don't like construct classic!!

    Please add this in construct 2!

  • A DOWN option under simulate platform controls.

    The option to change WINDOW BOX color. If there is a dark BG it makes it next to impossible to see.

  • jeffige , what will this down option simulate? There is already a Fall through action for the jump-through objects.

  • Honestly at this point at time the only two major elements missing from C2 are


    IDE asset store

    However both of them require low level major tinkering and low level redesign. Almost everything else can be done via event sheets or sdk. C2 game api already is leagues apart from most other game platforms.

    What Scirra really should be doing.

    1. Get a programmer(they are looking) to work on game api features.

    2. Ashley should move on to tackle C3 and all the low level issues. Ideally C2/C3 needs to truly let programmer developers to get a lot more control over the IDE. Developers should be able to create windows custom viewable areas and just truly create the other side that would really empower c2. C2 biggest weakness is it's inabilty to let devleopers integrate custom tools into C2. This is the direction of shift Scirra should go.

    However as Ashley points out. Going this direction could take 6 months to a year. So this is why there should be another dev to work on feature updates, ide updates and Scirra could tackle the lack of sdk developer strength.

  • Listening the latest podcast, I think the future plan sounds reasonable.


    One thing I guess for C2 would be an easier way to transfer instance variables to family if you at some point realise you need that for them and don't really need those duplicate variables anymore. Or if this is already possible it would be nice if someone would enlighten me.

  • jeffige , what will this down option simulate? There is already a Fall through action for the jump-through objects.

    If the player has a DUCK animation, how would you add that? i.e: if an enemy throws an object at player and the player uses DUCK, a down option could work, right?

    This is how I currently have to do it.

    Instead of continuing with the simulate platform control.

  • ?! If the action you want to trigger is irrelevant to the Platform behavior (not jump, not right/left, not fall through a platform) meaning there isn't any physical movement to it, then just trigger the corresponding animation when the down key is pressed!

    What is is that you want see been simulated by pressing the down button? The DUCK is an animation, not a Platform based action!

    Am I missing something here???

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