i wish construct 2 ...

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  • hi,

    i wish construct 2 export directly to android and ios and ... like "apk" and ...

  • Man alive, do I ever agree. Maybe that's coming in some update down the road or probably not. I'm just now going through my first experience with compiling via cocoonjs (honestly, pretty painless so far) and then doing the whole APK thing with android. That last part would have been torture but thankfully there is this cool tutorial out there (which has worked great up to this point):

    https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/861/ho ... id-app-apk

    I still haven't published to the App Store yet but it's because I need to get some graphics in order first, then we'll see. In the meantime, following the tutorials for export have been pretty helpful.

  • For iOS (ipa) its difficult because you need a mac with xcode.

    The Game Maker Studio for example can do this. He connect via network to the mac.

    You just have to set the ip, username and password from mac. Then the tool gets the provisioning and certificate for building the ipa over xcode and download the ipa.

    shortly: its possible. and maybe its comming soon. but currently its easy too. because you use a html5 to ios converter like cocoonjs. its very easy. But I also hope that scirra adds a official "ios compiler / Builder"

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  • Hehe...to the OP...you must be new around here

  • "zendorf" : i am new but i am web developer so...


    CocoonJS is bad ! example : not showing particles after compile ! and very bad performance (android)

    crosswalk is bad too ! it need android +4 and mostly you get alert : ... not working with this version !

    construct 2 just fine for html5 games ! not ios and android and .... !! in the first page write export to android,ios, and... but really not have this !

    i mean "construct 2 is big" why not use direct compiler ?!

  • generalhak

    The development team of construct 2 is small. Even the development team of CocoonJS is bigger then C2.

  • This pointless discussion topic has been done to death - use search.

    Ashley is the sole developer, and has stipulated far too often that it would take maybe 1 to 2 years of dedicated programming to create such an export, whilst C2 development would just stop. Not going to happen, people.

  • Good God. If you want to write the exporter for them, let them know. I'm sure they'd be happy for your help. That said, right now they're using a slew of exporters for mobile exports, and many of those are quite promising:

    cocoonJS, ejecta, crosswalk all are being actively updated and hopefully have bright futures ahead of them.

    In the meantime, if you want a native app, I highly suggest looking into learning objective C for iOS and probably Java for Android. Since C2 is programmed in JavaScript and uses web technology that's dependent on Canvas and WebGL, so the chance of getting those exported to native apps are... well, there is no chance. It just cannot happen. The best thing we can do is wait for technology to catch up to the trends, and they will. In the meantime, make a game that's worthy of selling. By the time you're finished, who knows what there'll be?

  • use intel xdk lol! and port to simple android no crosswalk or other bullshit! i just ported my game in plain native android with intelxdk and also you can port it to ios store if you have the certificate to publish! you can port simply on contruct 2 easy! and its not hard to use intelxdk! just export game for simple android no other plugin shit (cocoonjs or other stuff for android)install intelxdk ./... start inteld xdk platform new project (use an already build project section) browse computer select folder where you exported the file for plain android from construct 2 (if you go into that folder youl notice 2 file .xdk. and xdks or something like that! so you want that directory in intel project link! then enter name for app! create project ! go to build section directly ! and you have 10 ways to export it there wich one is ios , tizen and all cool stuff! that also cocoonjs offers but without been needing to sign you up cause is autosigned to you ingame id "com.youcompany.yougame" and you ingame construct2 file website and name email! then just select build method i just exported a simple android native like ! is first build method that says Android (nothing more click it unless you want headakes with arm , x86 crosswalk! this is universal x86 and all android devices) mine worked on googleappstore shows compatibility with 5208 of 5650 mobile devices! pretty neet! compare to arm versions that i exported and sayd 200 mobile platforms (wooot?!) lower fps yes ! but less file size! more options to use etc!

    and just simple plain use intelxdk book from construct2 and you learn to use it! its that simple!

    (btw you have to add in build mode ! name of app, icons that shows on mobile! when is installed! no android so far supports splash screen / only second screen splash screen , as is the cocoonjs preview logo etc !) have fun hope you guys find this usefull!

    P.S before you upload file to intel xdk take the .wav sound files out of the directory where you exported the files! intel xdk will make them in .apk ! even if you app isnt using it! so simply go to folder and delete.wav files( all you audio for android, ios is .ogg you find it in media folder! you dont need .wav) then set the link to intelxdk project . have fun !

    P.P.S also on assets configuration disable all request for app that you dontuse (geolocation, camera etc, use only audio playback and stuff that you need)

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