Windows8 made HTML5 app not loading on server IE11 no sound

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  • All the HTML5 apps I've exported from a laptop running Win7 Professional are performing as expected but because of software issues, I have to use an older desktop with W8.1 for the time being.

    Yesterday, I've exported an app for testing which loads fine on my Mac using Chrome and Firefox and Samsung Note3 but does not fully load on an iPad and iPhone. Weird.

    Also, there is no sound in IE. Is that normal?

    If anyone out there has access to tablets or smartphones please tell me if you can fully open this link:

    The :8080 is just bypassing the servers caching temporarily so that the previous version doesn't get loaded.

    The app is based on the project file bellow but has sounds and buttons to take and save a screenshot.

  • Sound works fine on my galaxy tab 3(even though there is a little latency), and the app loads as expected, the save screenshot, if no screenshot has been taken download the index.html (pretty sure it is because Snapshot canvas returns "" by default)

  • For IE you need to make sure your hosting server has the correct mime types enabled.... Check the audio/sound sections of the manual...

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  • Thank you Aphrodite & BluePhaze,

    I will look into that as soon as I have a moment.

    IE support is not crucial but if all it is is just a server tweak, then why not.

    Ciao for now,


  • Aphrodite

    Thank you for letting me know about the screenshot scenario.

    Now I understand why the included sample file "enables" the save button after a screenshot has actually been taken.

    I am re-writing the app completely and will implement that fix next week. Thanks - V

  • Well, it looks as if I can not have sound on iE.

    My host does have m4a set up already so there is nothing they can do.

    I just loaded my app on a Microsoft Surface and there was no sound.

    On an Apply iPad, the UI only loads partially and there is no sound.

    Maybe it's time to think about standalone versions.

    On a side note. MS Surface surprised me by loading my flash based apps without a hiccup.

    If that is the case, I might as well offer Flash and HTML5 versions for the time being.

    What I found puzzeling was that Steve Jobs did away with Flash to tout HTML5 but .... anyway, not impressed.

    If anyone has come across anything that would solve some of these issues, I'd love to hear about it.



  • Your project does not appear to contain any .m4a files at all. IE and Safari cannot play .ogg, so you must also have .m4a files for those browsers to play audio. Refer to the manual for more information.

  • Ashley

    I just checked directory via FTP and both formats are in the media dir, ogg and m4p.

    Owner and group permissions are identical for ogg and m4p.

    How did you conclude that the m4p sound files would be missing? Maybe that would help me to start with tracking down the issue.

    The apps which are not producing sound in Safari and IE are:



  • Update! (good news)

    I just re-checked MIME Types on my web server and added:

    text/cache-manifest > .appcache

    NOW! I have sound when I open my C2 created apps with IE on W8.1

    I will investigate this further tomorrow but it looks as if the issue is resolved.

    If anyone has a little time to open one of the above links with IE it would be great to know how the play pads performed.

    I am preloading the sounds on both apps.

    Thank YOU,


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