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  • Hello Scirra community!

    I would like to ask the creators of C2. But I think my question will be of interest to many.

    It is not a secret in Win8 will be store of applications, including HTML5 applications and games. I would like to know when to developers on C2 will be able to develop their game? You said that you have plans to do export to Win8.

    Windows 8 Consumer Preview is already available for download. It's a good chance to C2 developers to show themselves and make money. On start Win8 will not be so many applications and is a great chance to be first.

    Thank you!

    And sorry for my english.

  • Yep, this is on our todo list - we should have something soon.

  • If you know how to use visual studio you can convert a contruct game to a metro app in about 60 seconds. Start a new javascript project then import jquery-1.7.1.min.js and c2runtime.js files into the js folder.

    Add all your images to images folder and create media folder if you need it. Then copy the code over from index.html into the default.html file in the project, some small modifications are required in the html for example you have to point all javascript src files to /js/ like this src='/js/jquery-1.7.1.min.js' because you cant use scripts from URLs they have to be local sourced

    Then build/run the project and your game is now a metro app :) it works great.

    A built in metro exporter in construct 2 would be great though so im looking forward to that :D

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  • how to point all js file >?????

  • thanks to you games you done it i made my first metro game heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyah

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