Windows 8 startup time (WACK failure)

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  • My app ( is failing certification because of startup time (which for Windows 8 needs to be < 5 seconds). It runs just fine (and starts up much more quickly than that on a Surface RT).

    In order to prune the startup time, what are my options? I don't have a lot of sprites in the game, though two sprites come with 26 animation frames each.

    1. Are all of the images for all of my layers loaded as part of the initialization process? If so, is there a way to defer? My first screen doesn't use any of those 26 images.

    2. Is there a rough threshold on how "big" my app can be and still pass the startup time constraint on Win 8? I read the performance tips blog post, but that's more about how quickly the app runs, which is not my issue.

    3. Workaround for this in Win8 is an extended splash screen, so I'm going to give that a shot, hoping I can tweak the c2runtime.js (if needed) to pull that in.

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