Windows 8 Pro or Windows RT

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  • Hi there,

    On which Windows 8 Version (Pro or RT) can i Export my Construct 2 Games?

    Must i have a Developer-Account or somethihng else in addition?


  • Both.

    You need to compile the final in VS2012, which has output options for both architectures

    To submit your app to the Windows store, you need an individual dev account

  • The Windows 8 Apps that Construct 2 exports ought to run everywhere, since they are based on HTML5. In theory this includes Windows Phone 8, but since no devices are public yet I haven't been able to test and verify this.

    Construct 2 itself will only run on x86 or x64 systems, which I think excludes Windows RT.

  • so can i create a desktop app in full screen mode with vs2012?

    do i need a different vs2012 template than the one that c2 generates for me?

    or does windows 8 html support is only for metro?

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  • bjadams - the Windows 8 export is for the "metro" style apps (it's not actually called metro any more, but it means the tile-style apps that run from the new touch-enabled start menu). The only way to run on the desktop at the moment is via Awesomium or in the browser, but I would strongly recommend you publish a Windows 8 App instead since you get in the Windows Store that way.

  • yes i tried both options and they work great, however awesomium does not support sensors on windows8 (whilst metro export does), and awesomium crashes on exit on windows7 :( (no crash on exit on win8)

  • I'm wating for a convertible device with windows 8 like iconia w510 or samsung ativ smart to be released. Good and native HTML5 support + Sensors support + market. Windows 8 might be a gamechanger for HTML5.

  • windows 8 "metro" or whatever its called now will give a super boost to html5 apps. if you close an eye on the missing opengl support, the rest is great

  • Remember RT uses ARM processors. Not sure if VS2012 will target that without you calling it out.

  • FYI, VS2012 does target ARM processors. You can set your project to compile once for all processors (recommended), or if you have to create a different assembly for the different processors you can target just x86 or ARM.

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