How to get windows phone xap via universal build? (solved)

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  • Hi guys,

    So far I exported a windows universal 8.1 project. Tested both the desktop and phone builds. Now I am ready to upload my phone build to the store but can't find my builds to do so. I assumes I would find the xap file in 'BubbleBopper.WindowsPhone\Bin\Release' but I just have an AppxManinfest.xml, *.appxrecipe and a ReverseMap folder.

    Has anybody done this recently?



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  • Nevermind... found it... in the solution explorer you right click on *.WindowsPhone then select 'Store > Create App Packages'. This will run you through a wizard, which may require you to update the 'Windows App Certification Kit'. Your app fill fail certification because some js files aren't used and some files don't use their line endings. You will then find you xap here -> *.WindowsPhone\AppPackages

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