Windows 10 Phone - Touch problem XDK and VSC build

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  • Testing out the app on the device touch is not responding well on Windows 10 phone. There seem to be no issues with framerate and CPU really (I'm getting a constant 60FPS on a midrange phone), but touch is very very unresponsive, not registering touch input well.

    Tried both cordova and html5 export in XDK, none of them seems to be working properly (but occasionally it worked). I also tried building with visual studio, and get the same issue, so I can pretty much rule out it's a XDK or Visual Studio problem.

    This issue is not apparent trying the same builds in app preview on a windows 10 PC, or any other device, only on windows 10 phone (what I've noticed so far)

    It occasionally happens when I try the game in a edge browser (windows 10 phone) as well, but after 10 seconds the touch becomes responsive.

    Anyone else experienced this? on any other devices/platform?

    Is the Construct 2 touch bugged on windows phone? I tried other games made in C2 (mortar melon, last of the survivors) on the windows phone and they seem to have similar problem on my device.

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  • Update: I even tried some some other demos, so It must be some problem with my particular device or since i upgraded to windows phone 10. And only seems to be this issue on HTML5 apps. Downloading the latest Windows 10 phone Technical preview to see if it helps.

  • Seems to be my phone issue. Before i go off buying a new phone, could anyone with a Win10 phone please send me a PM so i can provide some links for testing, to make sure it's only my device. Would be greatly appreciated.

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