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  • Good morning!

    A game that I developed did not pass the certification WPU, because close to the trigger button the phone back, even taking place:

    WindowsPhone - >> onback: Goto Layout "Layout Page"

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    Thank you all!

    PS: Excuse my English, I'm Brazilian and I'm using the translator.

  • Hi carlosgomes,

    Not completely sure I understand your problem, but I'll try to help anyway!

    If you're on a layout and wish to go back to a previous layout, your solution should work fine! If you are on your start page, then you'll need to change 'Go to layout' to 'Quit'.

    One more thing to look out for, is using back button to close any pop-up windows (not sure if this applies to you). We failed Win Phone cert on our first try, as I'd forgotten to allow back button to close a pop-up window in our game (Doh!)

    Hope that helps!

    If this was not the answer you're looking for (whoa! star wars flashback) please let me know, and I'll try to help you further.

    Could also be useful to post a capx, if you are finding it difficult to express your problem!


  • Hi Blacksmith

    Below is the link of the project capx when I click "ok" it goes to the Layout2, but when I trigger the button back of the "Windows Phone", according to the code it should return to Layout1, but it does not happen, it simply closes the program.

    I appreciate your attention to my problem,

    Carlos Gomes


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  • Good evening everyone!

    Anyone have any idea how to solve my problem, missing it for sure my game.

    Thank you all,

    Carlos Gomes


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