Windows phone C2 IAP compatability

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  • Hi guys,

    I have game that will support iOS, Android, Windows phone, Blackberry, Tizen and HTML5. So far I have it working for iOS, Android and HTML5. Windows phone is the next thing on my list. However, I found that the C2 IAP seems to always return true for thing like 'has product' and 'product purchased successfully'. This is despite having a 'not windows app' condition. So what I find is that my upgrade to full version IAP is always fired.

    FYI I know that you dont use C2's IAP for windows phone and I do use the windows object, but when making a game that supports multiple platforms its a pain to disable specific bits of code based on the platform.

    I also found the browser events 'on suspend' and 'on resume' also don't seem to fire.

    Of course I could be completely wrong since I am using the emulator test at the moment. So my question to you is have any of you experienced these difficulties for windows phone?

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  • You can and should use the C2 IAP object on Windows Phone 8.1+. On Windows Phone 8.0 IAP is not officially supported, although there are third party plugins that support it. Also check you've got test mode set correctly.

    If you think the browser object triggers are not firing correctly then please file a bug report following all the guidelines or it will not be investigated.

  • Ashley

    Thanks for the quick response. I spent a couple of hours recreating a simplified test capx (attached) this morning, but didn't have the same problem. Looks fine. However, in my game I have a monetisation event sheet which I include into other event sheets that need the functionality. So if there is a bug it probably has a more complex cause. So needs more research.

    I will also make a simplified test capx for 'on resume' and 'on suspend'. I'll let you know the results via bug report or here if I can't find anything.

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