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  • Hi folks,

    I recently tried doing some Audio with WP8.1, it was ...interesting. For anyone trying it, here is my experience so far (I did some searching around, but only found a crashing issue which I do not experience):

    • Turn Pre-loading audio off. With this turned on, my app took minutes to load (unbearable load time that should not happen). To try and still get pre-loading, I tried manually pre-loading the audio on a custom loader layout. This made no difference I found, it also loaded quickly unlike pre-loading during the initial load.
    • Do not play more than 1 sound at a time. Playing more than one at a time can get...messy and glitchy.
    • The first time someone hears a sound, it will lag (have a delay). Once it is loaded and fires, it works fine. Pre loading should solve this, but for some reason it does not work in my experience on WP8.1 (even with pre-load during the initial load turned on).

    Any other tips that you guys have?

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