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  • Someone I know recently tested our game built through node webkit on Windows 8. The inputs didn't work for them at all. Is this because I have to specifically build a Windows 8 build so people with that OS can actually play the game?

  • No node webkit works on windows 8 (it still runs all x86 apps) so it has to be something else

  • Maybe it's the fact I made all button presses on the keyboard and gamepad do function calls so I didn't have to duplicate the code for the controls?

  • i think we would need to see to the code to really help. Does the keyboard on your pc when testing it?

  • I would share a stripped down version but I don't know how to strip it down easily at this point or in a way that would leave the error in the CAPX since I have Windows 7 myself. It's worked fine on all computers except this one person's who has WIndows 8.

  • you post some screens on of it but for the most part you should try to test with another windows 8 pc to see if it happens there as-well there isn't any event i can think of the would make it work in windows 7 but not 8

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  • Wish I had access to a Windows 8 computer but no one I know has one other than the guy I mentioned and he doesn't live near me anyway so I can't easily test the issue. I will see what I can do to rectify this issue and post a follow up thread later. Thanks for letting me know.

    I got rid of the function calls anyway and use purely variables now which is apparently more efficient than what I was doing so that maybe has corrected the issue. I'll have to see.

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