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  • Ive only just started using construct 2 and from what I can see, it does not seam to be windows 8 compatable as yet? Would i be correct?

    ie: Im trying to run though the examples for beginners tutorial and even early on, after putting in the aliens monsters and adding the bullet event for them which moves them in one direction, if i leave the program in win 8 mode, they dont move at all, but as soon as i right click the construct 2 icon and click change for compatability to win7 they move across the screen when i click play.

    Another thing, i found odd and may not be working so far in win 8, when you put in the spawn bullet from players ship event, it shows the bullet when mouse clicked but does not move anywhere? ive double checked the example numerous times and can fathom why its not moving, again is this just windows 8, this tho does not make any difference whether i use win7 compatablility or win8?

    I wonder if other people have had these problems. Im not sure what else may not work because of windows8? I also notice that on the download icons from construct 2 it shows, only upto windows7, and i cant find anything that shows it is written for windows8 at this time, however i have found some posts relating to windows8, but its more about people testing things etc seeing what works is construct still in dev win8?


  • I would go over the tutorials on Windows 8 apps. Mortar Melon on the Windows 8 store is a construct 2 game...

  • Woops sorry, I thought you meant does it make windows 8 games. I use construct on Windows 8 just fine. That is what I use on the machine where I have Construct 2 installed.

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  • Same for me, I run it on my Windows 8 PC as well.

  • I develop C2 on a Win8 machine and hadn't noticed any problems you describe...

  • Ok thx all, ill go and try it all again.

    I did find that the bullet after checking it again it did in fact work with win7 compatibility mode tho set just like the alien monsters movement etc my mistake oops. Also Ill check out the videos and examples.

  • Ive finally found in the end, my problem was that its very important you must enable the 50000-50100 port access in the firewall of windows 8 so you can preview in web browsers ie in particular, but also chrome, mozilla etc for running of the local server otherwise yes you get the problem as I described above which was why I was not getting all things to work, basically it was stopping random things working. Now yip everything fixed woohoo. For anyone else, check the forums here there is a solution. I also googled for the answer and it came up.

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