Windows 8 Certification Error

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  • I'm trying to submit a Construct2 made app to the Windows Store, but it keeps coming back with an error. I can't find anything on the net about it and it works fine for me on my test machines. Here's the information they gave me. Hope someone can help:

    ErrorDescription=Unable to get property 'height' of undefined or null reference


    ErrorTypeText=Type error






    OSProduct=Windows 8 Pro



    UserAgentString=Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 10.0; Windows NT 6.2; Trident/6.0; MSAppHost/1.0)


    StackTrace=ms-appx://35215lunarbaby.headcase/index.html:199:5           rethrowPromiseError()

               ms-appx://35215lunarbaby.headcase/index.html:1:280           WinRT Promise.done()()

               ms-appx://35215lunarbaby.headcase/index.html:1:49           Promise handler()

               ms-appx://35215lunarbaby.headcase/index.html:1:212           WinRT Promise object for Windows.Foundation.IAsyncOperation`1<MicrosoftAdvertising.Shared.WinRT.Advertisement>()






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  • kenhes if you PM me a build I can take a look.

  • It appears to be pointing at line 199 in index.html. The official template that ships with C2 doesn't have that many lines. Did you modify it yourself? If so, perhaps your own modifications are breaking it. It also mentions "MicrosoftAdvertising.Shared.WinRT.Advertisement" - perhaps you're using a third party advertising addon which is causing the error?

  • Ashley Yes, I can't figure that out as my index.html only goes up to line 113. The only modification is the addition of one line for the adverts. I'm also using the this plugin here (and have before with no issues):

    thehen I appreciate that and probably will end up sending you the VS files.

  • Well I took out the advertising object and it worked. Now to figure out why it works in another app but not this one.

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