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  • I was wondering, if I'm planning on exporting my game to a windows 8 app, will it have to be 100% compatible with Internet Explorer (should I be using that to preview rather then Chrome)?

  • Yes, apps packaged for windows 8 use the internet explorer rendering engine. In windows 8.1 it is IE11.

  • If you want to support Windows 8 for backwards compatibility though, you won't be able to use some advanced audio, webgl or custom cursors (I built a CUR cursors plugin that you can use).

    Considering Windows 8.1 isn't a mandatory update and users have to go through the store to update, and Microsoft has said it will support Windows 8 for two more years, it's probably best to do your testing in IE10.

  • Thank you, that's what I had figured too but I wanted to confirm before moving forward. Thanks again.

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  • thehen, How are you handling audio in Windows 8? With the IE issues with audio, are you able to consistently have sounds and music playing during a game? If so, what method do you use to control sound in Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps? Sorry if this is a big ask. My next phase is getting the audio into my apps for Windows and Windows Phone market place releases soon...

  • BluePhaze all audio worked fine for me except any of the advanced stuff (effects and psoitioned sound) as well as changing the playback rate.

    Be sure to read my Windows Phone tutorial too before approaching audio on Windows Phone. It's a bit trickier.

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