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  • I am having performance issues on my project when exporting to apk(Android).

    I looked in debugger and it is mostly draw calls.

    I have my window size set to 800x450.

    At 800x450 on mobile I usually get around 27-32 fps, when idle and nothing happening.

    I am curious if 400x225 is too odd/small of a Window Size to use in an App Store.

    I did test it on mobile and my fps stays around 59 with some uncommon spikes to 32.

    I didn't reduce the size of objects for the testing.

    I don't have much logic running at any given time.

    I used functions and activate/deactivate groups to allow things to run as needed.

    I was wanting to keep it 16:9 ratio.

    800x450 and 400x225 have that ratio.

    I am curious on what Window Sizes people use on Mobile.

    Is 400x225 is too odd/small of a Window Size to use in an App Store or will it cause problems going that small?

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  • I use 960x540

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