Window 8 plugin, room for improvement

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  • I'm playing around with Windows 8 for the competition and I find the plugin a bit lacking.

    Two thing really stands out, the first is Live Tiles:

    Microsoft itself suggest that text only tiles should be used as a news ticker (weather, actual news, twitter, etc) and honestly they look really ugly for a game, especially since there is no support for real push updates (example when your score has been beaten while you were doing something else). We really need support for tiles: TileWideImageAndText01/TileWideImageAndText02 which is perfect for a game.

    The seconds is the way Privacy/About/Support are handled, the plugin offers only a choice of Yes/No while it should support paths. For instance if I want to use an online policy I should be able to add a string in the plugin setting telling c2 where to look for it, either online or local in a custom subfolder.

    Now I already done both of these stuff in a custom plugin, before releasing it I'm asking if they could be implemented in the "official" one to avoid fragmentation, what you think Ashley?

    I can give you the code as everything is made and tested..

  • We get far more suggestions than we can possibly reasonably address in a short amount of time. You should make a third party plugin for the time being, but hopefully we'll eventually update the built-in object.

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  • 0plus1

    I wouldn't mind snagging that plugin

  • Also see thehen windows 8 plugin.

  • 0plus1 I did the same thing for those two pieces of functionality. I was thinking about creating a 'Windows 8 Extensions' unofficial plugin at some point. Still working on the Windows Phone plugin though..

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