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  • Does somebody build Windows 10 app? I can't understand how to define icon target in config.xml. Can you please share your config.xml?

    I build my game as Windows 10 app with Intel XDK. I've uploaded all the icons (

    ), but when I run my app I get th icon in the task bar inside gray border

    , also icon in desktop shortcut in gray border

    . I've tried to add icons manually, but I think I've get lost with target property of the icon xml-element. I need valid excmple.

  • god, use visual studio for windows 10 app.

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  • Too complicate for me. Visual studio instead of Intel XDK? I can export cordova project from Construct, import result into Visual Studio and Build?

  • yes.

    it's not complicated at all.

    also you have w10 export in c2, which gives you a visual studio SLN file, which can be just run once you have installed VS and it opens your project ready for deployment. and you can mess with configs and other stuff easily in vs, install crosswalk and such things easily through cordova manager and so on.

    also VS gives you more then 1 simulator to test, here's an image for each platform:

    also you can see config in the background, you can just open plugins there and add custom plugins like crosswalk and they install automatically and so on..

    all you do is fill your data in that screen, build your game, and take the signed apk in bin/debug or release folder where your visual studio project is.

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