Are Win10 Universal exports not running on Mobile anymore?

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  • Hi. I uploaded my Overwatch Companion app to the WinStore and used Win10 Universal as export option. The store certification and test app from Visual Studio showed no problems and its listed as "win10 and Win10 Mobile" compatible. But I got several reports that it does not show up in the store on phone or says "not compatible with your device". They had one older Lumia 5xx and new 930 and 950 phones. I only have one old Lumia but it runs Win10 and its not showing up in the store either. Is Win10 Universal export for phones broken or whats wrong with it? But the store shows its compatible and all tests were successful. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_neutral.gif" alt=":|" title="Neutral">

    Link in the store:

  • It probably depends on the minimum version/build number chosen when publishing to the Windows Store. For example if you chose a minimum build 10586, all the devices still on 10240 will be marked unsupported.

  • Thanks. I did not see where to change this yet. I just changed the images (added scale200) and add reference for Ad SDK before packaging.

  • Just saw this when uploading the package:

    Windows.Universal Mindestversion 10.0.10240.0

    But my WinPhone has 10.0.10586.71 and its not working. So it must be something else, but what?

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  • I'm not sure, I think it would be best to ask Microsoft. Construct 2 doesn't specify any particular version AFAIK.

  • Bl4cksh33p,

    After looking at your deeplink you're only supporting x86 and notice how it only says PC and not mobile under your screenshots? Makes sure in VS your selecting ARM as well when creating the package. Also check Pricing and availability>Windows 10 device families>check Mobile if its not already checked. If its not you will need to submit a new meta data update.

  • Thanks. I did not upload mobile screens and exported for x86 cause "any cpu" when creating packages does not work with PubCenter ads. I try if they work when testing with ARM.

  • It seems to work but I have another problem now.

    With PubCenter / Ads I cant use "any CPU" build anymore and need to tick x86, x64 and ARM separately. I tried to create 3 separate packages to make the download for each CPU type smaller but it does not allow me to upload separate packages. I have to tick all 3 at once and now get a huge file with about 3x the size of the app (cause it has all 3 in a bundle). Is it possible to prevent this somehow and make smaller packages?

    My App has about 40MB but in the 3 CPU bundle I have to upload its 120 MB.

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