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  • Hey, I'm wondering how the performance between HTML5/Win8 Apps compare? I don't have a developer account just yet, and in the mean time, I'm just testing my project in a browser, so to anyone that has a Win 8 license, how is performance testing the app through Construct 2 and the real Win 8 App?

    I'd like to have a couple apps ready before handing out the money to Microsoft and publish, because I've upgraded to Windows 8 recently (and because of that I can't afford the Developer License), so I just use default tools.

    Can anyone drop a few words?

  • IE10 is hardware accelerated and has a good javascript engine so performance for most games is adequate to good. However I've heard anecdotally that IE10 on ARM devices is not so fast. I don't think IE10 is so well optimised there, but the market share of Win8 ARM devices is probably going to remain small compared to desktops for the time being.

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  • Ok, so using Construct's default "test bed", so to speak, is a good indicator on how Windows 8 Apps would behave.

    Good, good.

    ARM for now is not interesting for me.

    I'm so sad I can't take part on the compo... Oh well...

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