Why not scale the HUD?

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  • Hey, I have heard people saying not to scale the HUD layer.

    But I can't see how that would ever be a good idea..

    I am not using Parallax on the HUD but I use Anchor and Scale 100%.

    When would it ever be use full not to fit the HUD to the size of the rest of the game :o

  • Your post helped me bigtime. thanks!!

  • Gillis - your post reads like a post by a spambot. Make sure you contribute something to the thread otherwise you risk a moderator mistaking you for a spammer and deleting your account.

    Schoening - it's up to you whether you scale the HUD or not. On some devices it can make the HUD too small or too big though if you don't scale it. On the whole I would recommend scaling the HUD and test it on a range of devices to see if that works well.

  • Ashley

    What in the world would a spambot do on this topic ? :p

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  • Spambots have no logic.

    And they like to pick on people who asked nothing of them.

  • Greetings. I know this is resurrecting an old thread, but it's pertinent to the issue I'm having.

    I set up the HUD on its own layer and it stays in the same spot--works great, no problems there. However, when the browser is resized / game tested on smaller screens, the HUD elements are bordering on unreadable (too small). I can't seem to figure out how to prevent or reduce the HUD scaling with the rest of the game.

    I tried setting the HUD layer scaling to 0 and even manually using events to re-size the HUD if the browser is re-sized. Is there some trick I'm missing? Is the project properties of 'fullscreen in browser' overriding everything else?

    One more thing! What's the difference between using the browser object to 'request fullscreen' and setting the 'fullscreen in browser' scale option in project properties?


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