Why Not Add A Free Asset Section to Scirra Store?

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  • Ashley Tom

    I would love to know if it is possible to make a section in the store for Free Assets.

    Assets that the artist can give to the public under whatever rights they choose or maybe just CC0.

    Not everyone has the funds to buy assets and it would be great to get assets from the store already knowing they are safe to use for games.

    I just feel as if the store could have a section that could be free to access but only if you use Construct 2 or 3 engine.

  • Understand the want for it! Feedback taken on-board, but the launch strategy of the store was paid only initially. We feel there are several good places out there already with free assets.

  • This is more of a marketing practice (all stores use it)

    You can still find a lot of free stuff on forum or on the internet.

  • Exactly, I feel like having assets on the store would be better for people who want to know for sure that the art they use is safe.

    It would be plain as day and make life easy for alot of people.

    Why would i want to run around checking website after website when i could come here where i bought the program and use sprites made by other people who use this program.

    With the economy the way it is it should be a nobrainer to add some free stuff,If anything it is good marketing and i dont think anyone would complain.

    Scirra store is a platform and should be used as such regardless. The engine allows you to make free games without the need to pay so why not offer free sprites for people that do pay.

    Tom i do understand what you mean when you say that there are several different sites for that like OGA OpenGameArt.com but even they can not keep track of all the art that gets posted.

    Atleast here you have a profile and if you sold art that was not yours it could be attached to your name making it that much harder to get away with copyright fraud

  • You don't go to a real store for free stuff do you?


  • Sure, it would be nice to have such a place, but for every item that Scirra stores for "free", they will have to pay for the hosting and traffic.

    newt: "OpenGameArt.com is for sale" <- Are you sure that this was the page you wanted to link to?

  • newt - OpenGameArt.org

    You just made a URL typo, sir...

  • Dunno why I keep doing that.


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  • Unity assets store is one of the biggest stores and have free and paid assets.

  • It would be a nice feature to have. However Scirra must take the hosting and traffic cost into account. Since all of the bigger stores have free assets it's almost a must have. What about a list of links in a new section of the store where people can get free assets? That way you won't have to worry about hosting.

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