Why isn't there native Exporting to mobile?

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  • Why isn't there native Exporting to mobile yet?

    There's too many things you have to do to get a mobile game up with ads. Should be 1 click.

  • First of all Windows 8 supports html5 natively. I would suggest using leadbolt with crosswalk for android.

  • I couldn't find the post but if I recall correctly, there are no plans for native exporting. Having to maintain the exporters as well as the engine would be impractical.

  • if you want native learn to code native

    there are many graphical sdks these days to speed up dev time and learning something like c++ will look good on your CV

  • I don't really care if there is native, though it would be nice to see a final solution that sticks with easy to follow tutorials. It needs to be made simple and easy for even the newest of users to follow. Atm, there is a lot to sort through just to get an idea of what will work. The time could be spent better on development once there is a fully detailed, working solution that is permanent.

    If anyone has figured out how to get ads working with crosswalk I would love to read about it, please link me. Thanks in advance

  • MelVin

    Use cranberrys phonegap plugins with crosswalk

    I have leadbolt running with mine(full screen ads, alert ads and app menu ads)

    My game on google play has these working and they are really simple to set up.

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... htheflames

  • Edit: please note the change to step 6... For me at least, com.rjfun.cordova.plugin.admob was not working..

    Can also use FrostyElk AdmobFE plugin


    1. get admob account


    2. get and install AdmobFE plugin into C2 http://www.frostyelk.se/plugins/admobfe0009.c2addon

    3. in your C2 project, add the AdmobFE plugin

    4. In your C2 project, add appropriate code to show ads (see "helloAdmob" sample) using your ad ID(s) from AdMob

    (4a Set AdmobFE plugin property "test Ads" to Yes when you want real ads or No for testing)

    5. Export your project to Android


    5. in your XDK project settings, under plugins and permissions|third-party plugins, click Get Plugin from the Web

    6. enter com.rjfun.cordova.plugin.admob for name and plugin ID

    6. enter com.google.admob for name and plugin ID

    7. check "plugin is located in the apache cordova plugins registry"

    8. click import button

    9. build your app in XDK as Crosswalk for Android and install/run it on a device

    10. observe your ads

  • I strongly doubt there will ever be native exporters in C2. C2 is built around generating HTML5 and JS code - it does not operate on things like views, activities, memory management and the like. Having native exporters (as in really generating native code) would probably require fundamental changes (i.e. crazy amount of work) in what's under the hood.

    On the brighter note, if all the annoying problems with wrappers (iOS restrictions, performance, cumbersome monetization, compatibility) are resolved then it really makes no difference.

    The thing that would solve it for me would be an official C2 ad plugin for Admob so that it works with Phonegap build service.

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  • Thanks and

  • and Codah

    Thanks for the info, this will help a ton:) will try this out this week.


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