Why games don't work locally anymore?

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  • Because of the development am doing, I used to just remove the warning, and could run the games just by opening them in a local browser.

    It seems to be totally forbidden lately. Is it a jquery restriction or so?

    I need them to run locally for a development with an embedded browser from a visual studio application, sort of nodejs but with my own functionality.

    Do I need to go back on a previous version of C2?

  • You can always download and install an HTML server, then run your game on http://localhost/index.html

  • Thanks, actually they work with wamp or IIS as localhost, but my design is without webserver, wrapped into an executable.

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  • C2 has never 'let' local access to C2 games. Though there are ways around that it's not an 'anymore' thing. C2 has always been designed that you run the game from some for hosting app. So NW.js for exe based operations. Otherwise you can use FireFox I believe that's lenient. Or back to running from a webhost as gumshoe2029 mentions.

  • Jayderyu, just don´t bet on it.

    Since I remember, I just removed the warning script from index.html and they worked locally without hassle in any browser, and also on my html5 exe wrapper. I asked here just because I thought it was documented somewhere and assumed I missed it.

    If it was an undocumented or unintentional feature, then probably no one noticed it other than me. Yesterday I installed the latest version and I noted the change.

    Seems I will have to roll back to that older version.

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