Why is my game so large (41mb)

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  • Why is my game so large. When i added it to the GooglePlay store if i uploaded just the arm.apk it was around 19mb and with the x86.apk

    it came to around 41mb. But even with just the single arm.apk it should'nt be so large

    Link to the game: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zikdotapps.tapit&hl=en_GB

    If you type 'zikdot' inside GooglePlay store you'll find it. The games called 'tapit'

    The game consists of 7 project sheets. The screen size is 1280 x 715 on all 7 sheets. The background images were made in illustrator

    with dimesntions of 1280 x 715 and 72 DPi so the memory size of the images aren't large either.

    when i look inside the project folders outside of the software through my desktop they dont seem to add up to more than 3mb so where is this size coming from???

    Thank you

  • are you saying both combined are 41mb? or one is? if you mean both the player doesn't download both only the one best for their device.

    I.e Arm processors download arm.apk. intel users x86

  • What license did you get, and what method of export did you use?

  • I built it in intel xdk using the crosswalk platform for android. initially i uploaded just the arm.apk to GooglePlay and downloaded it on my samsungS3 and the game was 19mb. Then after doing some updates to the game I uploaded the new APK's and decided to put both the arm.apk and x86.apk on GooglePlay. When i updated the game on my samsungS3 it was approx 41mb.

  • are you saying download size or installed size? if installed size thats because once installed it is decompressed and also saves and other files add to it

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  • Installed size. But if you download the game you will see it's a very basic, simple game with little graphics. So i'm confused as to why it's so large. I've downloaded games much more complex than mine and they are only 10mb....

    Link to the game: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zikdotapps.tapit

  • its because in crosswalk apps there is the chromium engine integrated which makes ~40MB installed without any game data, nothing you can do to change this (theres in fact a "crosswalk lite" which is half the size but not in intel XDK and it has some other flaws from what i heard)

  • Try android export (not crosswalk) in intel xdk. It will reduce the file size drastically but also there will be some performance loss.

  • Thank you

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