Why can't we create object if there is a pick condition:

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  • Why can't we create object if there is a pick condition:

    Look at the event below:

    Another example, if you have a "pick condition" on a "create object" action even though the picked object doesn't have anything to do with

    the create object. It still avoids object creation.

    Look at the event below:

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  • The condition in event 2 returns false, so the code at event 3 is never called. Add an Else to event 2 to do your create. In the second example, if there is no TiledBackground with a UID of 1, it also will return false and not run. That's the only reason Create wouldn't work.

  • blackhornet - The outcome is still the same without the "Obstacle.PickedCount = 0".

    But I do understand what your point is. So you mean that the "Pick by comparison - Obstacle.Signature = 'Active'" is the same as "Obsctacle.Signature = 'Active'", that it doesn't

    run if the condition is false.

    That makes sense since there are 0 instance in the layout that has the Obstacle with Signature = "Active".

    Nice. Thanks, I get it now.

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