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  • Just a quick post to address anyone with doubts about buying the early adopter license and investing in Construct 2.

    This software has so much potential. Just looking at the achievements and advancements of the previous version (although unfinished) should be enough to make you all open your wallets (and set the moths free) for these guys.

    I have previously invested in alpha version software when I bought the pro version 3D Coat for �30 and have been rewarded with almost weekly updates by an extremely passionate developer. Now the software is out of Alpha and Beta it is now �217 for pro. I had to pay around �50 to upgrade to version 3 but I have also earned over �700 (3D is my sideline - I am a freelance web / graphic designer) from work created for clients from it so I really cant grumble about that.

    Paying for Alpha software is a gamble but HTML5 is the future and there are not many other tools out there that can do what C2 does now in its earliest form. Giving Ashley a little bit of pie 'n' mash will help things to advance quicker and allow him to work on it full time.

    I am certain that if we pay a little now we will be handsomely rewarded in the very near future.

    Do it! Do it nouw!!!

  • Thanks for the kind words, but just to note we don't have any licenses on sale right now, we hope to be launching them soon!

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  • No worries Ashley,

    As soon as the licenses become available, I'm in.

  • Me too. And I'm looking forward to the next three years!

  • I completely agree. Just look at Minecraft

  • Construct 0.x has a wiki, the program itself sometimes explains things and there are tutorials (useful!). But sometimes something wasn't explained, or was explained without examples.

    If using C2 would mean paying money, I would also hereby ask for explanations of all functionality.

    For example the container-method (http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/c ... Containers) in the C0.x-wiki is very well done, and of course the platform tutorial.

  • I should think that would be the least the fellas up top could do, ie, at least a user-friendly manual for its functions. C2's descriptions of events and actions already go a long way, but I look forward to even more being put in that regard.

  • well yeah, that's part of making enough money to do it right

    working fulltime on c2 would make things like a full documentation much more within the realm of possibility

  • I've only made one update to the C2 wiki, and haven't looked at it since...but there is that.

    also, help in C2 links to the wiki, so that's pretty great... one wiki to rule them all or whatevs.

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