Whats the average amount of people who play your game?

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  • Hello, When i finish my game i'm gonna put it on multiple websites for feedback and see if people like it, but for anyone who has posted games, i wonder what is the average amount of people who would play/try your free game (Paid I know is a much different gap)

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  • Just keep your expectations realistic, it's a very crowded space. If you have a fun game that is unique and you spend a lot of time and effort spreading the word you can get a fairly decent sampling. Just keep in mind that it takes a lot of luck too, right place, right time kinda thing. Using Construct 2 site as an example, games get lost quick on Scirra arcade and it doesn't have a way to easily search for games (yeah.. it's 2018)... so you're on the right track pushing it out anywhere you can.

    My advice, don't make a side-scrolling space shooter ... no one "gets it", luckily it was a hobby project.

  • Alright, thanks. Luckily i'm not making a side scrolling game

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