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  • Hi,

    I wish to ask in general what's new with C2 in past year?

    How many plugins are released? How many new games was created? How many C2 copies was downloaded during this period? How big is the active users respect to C2? What commercial potential has C2? What is C2 killer features that active users considered as killer features? Can C2 be considered as successful project? from commercial point of view? Does HTML5 suite to game development? What game developer community can learn from C2 experience?


  • In regards to new features, since there are so many, the best thing for you to do is just read through the release notes for every release since you last used C2.

    The counter at the bottom of the website shows over 600,000 copies of C2 have been downloaded.

    The average C2 user loves C2, as far as I know.

    C2 has great commercial potential. Look into Mortar Melon, Super Ubie land, and Angvik as some examples I can think of off the top of my head.

    I'd say C2's killer features (compared to other tools) are the brilliant layout editor, the event sheet system, its behaviors system, and the wide range of exports.

    I would consider C2 to be a very successful project - Scirra live off it full-time.

    I believe HTML5 is looking to be the future of game development.

    Not sure about your last question.

    Hope that helps!

  • See the Construct 2 releases list. Releases in the last year cover approximately r99 to r137. The difference is truly night and day. Since r99 the big things we've added include: publishing mobile apps, publishing desktop apps, Windows 8 support, WebGL shader effects, containers, Function object, 9-patch object, WebSockets, Turret behavior, Pathfinding, more form controls, Z Order bar, advanced audio effects and positioned sounds, full-state save & load, persistent layouts, continuous preview, theme support, syntax highlighting and autocomplete in expressions, line-of-sight behavior, Geolocation, bookmark support, Sprite Font plugin, Timer behavior, regex support, and tonnes more that are smaller but nice to have (usability improvements, editor options like grids, snapping, showing collision polygons, etc) - plus hundreds of bug fixes and changes.

  • I'd also recommend you having a look at the What you may have missed sticky topic and old editions. (each topic has links to the previous topics, and you may have a search to the older 2012 topics as well)

  • Thanks for replies.

    Would you say that HTML5 is designed for scripting interaction between user and multimedia content, but is not designed for scripting "behavior of content", although it's possible?

    * update *

    For example, does it look natural for you the motion of <div> element? physics as scripting of behavior in general, but not as embedding specific type of content like Flash *.swf file or Java Applet *.class file?

  • Not quite sure what you mean there. Could you describe an example?

  • For example, does it look natural for you the motion of <div> element? physics as scripting of behavior in general, but not as embedding specific type of content like Flash *.swf file or Java Applet *.class file? although "it works".

  • Hello !

    May i ask how do I send json data files to server ?

    and Does ipad allow us to download json data files ?

    **as my game will be placed on ipad.

  • You should search topics from the forum first, anyway here is tutorial about it.


  • dimakoles - Construct 2 does not use <div> elements, nor Flash, nor Java. It uses Javascript with a WebGL canvas renderer, which is pretty close to a native engine in features and performance.

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  • Ashley thanks for the answer, I did not know

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